A seasoned full-stack developer & visual designer. #skillburger

“Five all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, chee—”
A tasty tour of skills

Skill Burger

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Front-End Development

Like myself, my code is thoughtful and thorough. I’m a little obsessed with keeping elements readable, flexible, and bullet-proof. I also possess the ability to interpret and (in most cases) improve the final deliverable if the comps are incomplete / inconsistent.


Back-End Development

I’ve worked in everything from hacked websites to state/school intranets, startup prototypes, and enterprise apps. I love everything about programming and the processes that support it. I’m also a read (and write) the docs kinda guy.

UI / Visual Design

My roots stem from a background in traditional offset printing. I’ve moved well beyond the mindset of print media, but still love a letterpress piece when I see it. I understand the differences between themeing a marketing site, and building components that make up a software UI. I’ve shipped hundreds of deliverables in every form one could think of.

Communication / Project Management

Having worked remote for the past 8 years, virtual communication methods are second nature. I know how to feel connected with a distributed team 👍   I’m disciplined, honest, vanish-proof™, and can humbly speak to non-technical humans.


I depend on these tools daily. Some are kinda ugly (but super useful), and most are stunning & fun to use.


I love tech, but it doesn’t take much to keep me happy. This is my standard issue when i’m in (and out of) the office.


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